So what do we do now?

Backstory, environment and bits will be up in due course.

I would like you to think on your character ideas and idealy get your character added to this campaign, with personal backstory/goals.

Currently looks like you are either affiliated with or actual worshipers of “The Blood of Vol”.

Questions – let me know :)

Ok then, where do we put up the characters then? DB

On your profile page, hit create character.

Death Knight – http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Death_Knight_(3.5e_Class)

I’m likeing the Lawful Nutral one mostly i think – Love the bit about stopping anything that unnaturally extends life!. SO i think some minor nobles child that was disenchanted buy the idea of life and magically extended life and so became a shadowy spectre of death! Possibly the whole family killed and he prayed for there return/revival/rez and it dont happen right. maby the ” dear old rezzed dad went a little nuts and went off the deep end” schtik? What you think?

Matt: Im thinking of going for a favoured soul (a FS is to a cleric what a sorcerer is to a Wizard) with the leadership feat. If we’re getting a stronghold then it means we can man it with followers. though having spells like summon undead may annoy a lawful neutral deathknight. I assume everyones going to be a member of the blood of vol, there are some very nice same-faith spells. Are cohorts allowed then david? (thinking of some kind of simple bodyguard)

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